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Getting Started with Referee Manager

District Competition

Welcome to the new “Referee Manager” program we will be using for the summer district competition commencing October 2013.  It will be used for the centrally rostered games on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. 

Everything is controlled within the one program.  It will keep track of your availability, personal details, all rosters plus you will receive an automated SMS notification of your rostered games.  It will also be used to record game assessments.  You can enter or alter your availability at any time except when we lock a date to complete at roster (generally about 8-9 days before).


There are a few things you have to do to begin the process otherwise the system will not recognise you.  Once this is completed you only have to alter this information if it changes.

Here is the link to the program;       

This is the screen (or similar) that appears
Click the option “First time login”
This screen (or similar) appears

Enter your “SURNAME”, the “email address” you receive information from Basketball SA, and your “Date of Birth” (in the format shown eg;  01/06/1964) then hit “SUBMIT”

The system will automatically email you a login password – Store this information for future use.  When your password arrives return to the main Login screen via the standard link;

Enter your “SURNAME”, your new “PASSWORD” and the branch is “BSA”.  Keep this information as it will be your standard login for the future.

Each time you enter the program you will start at the main “Bulletin Board Screen”.  Please read this information as after the first couple of weeks it will be regularly updated and contain valuable information to referees.

Bulletin Board Screen – You can return to this screen anytime by using option “Menu”

Before you can start using the system you must complete the following;
·         Update your personal details
·         Record your normal availability – see details below on how to do this.

Personal Details
On the menu line your name should appear on the right hand side.  Click this option and a new screen appears with a menu down the left side of screen.  Select “Personal Details” and update/enter all this information.  We use this information to SMS and email game roster details and post documents from time to time so it is important that you keep this up-to-date.

Record Availability Details
Before we can proceed the system needs to know your regular availability.  “Regular” means the days/times you normally referee.  For example;  if you normally referee on a Friday night then you enter “YES” to this night.  Specific date or times you become NOT available are entered in another area of the program.

YOU MUST enter your availability for a FULL 7 day week from Sunday through to Saturday.  Therefore if you normally referee on a Friday night and no other nights your availability for Friday would be recorded as YES but each other day is entered as NO.

To enter this information (and it is only required once) do the following;

Use menu option “Regular Availability”
·         Day of week – pick the day from drop down menu
·         Available – pick “YES” or “NO” depending on your normal availability for this day
·         Crew Member is always “YES”
·         If you are avail or not avail for the whole day now hit the “SUBMIT” or “UPDATE” button – if you are normally avail only for a specific time – enter this time/range then hit SUBMIT or UPDATE.  You can change this regular/normal details at any time but only need to if it changes.
·         Do the above – one for each day Sunday through to Saturday (full 7 days)

Your completed screen should look similar to this

That is it.  You only need to alter this regular avail if this changes.  So if you are available (as shown above) on Monday, Tuesday and Friday then you may be rostered on these nights.  If there is a change to your regular availability (example – your job now requires you to work every Monday night) you simply update this regular availability by clicking the pencil on the required day and change/update the details.  If your regular availability does not change then you do not need to do anything else in this menu option.

From time to time you may become available on a night when regularly NOT available or reverse, you may need a night off on a night you are regularly available. 

You enter this information as and when required using menu option “Availability Exceptions”.  This information can be entered at any time and for months in advance. 

Information in this section overrides the regular availability information you have previously entered so only needs to be added when there is an exception to your regular/normal availability.  So by making yourself available on a specific night that you may regularly be UNAVAILABLE, your name is automatically added to the list of referees we can select for the roster on that night/date.  Therefore by making yourself NOT available on a night you would regularly be available removes your name from the selection list.

You enter this as follows;
Select menu “Availability Exceptions”.
Using the “Update Referee Availability Exceptions” select
·         the day of the week. 
·         Enter a time and/or date

If you are available/unavailable for a specific time on a specific date you enter the time and date in the required fields.  If you are available/unavailable for the whole day you simply enter the date or a date range.

Then “add a session” or update if you are editing an existing session (via the pencil).

You can ‘delete’ an availability exception any time by selecting edit and then delete button (bottom corner).

Here is an example.

Example 1           You regularly referee on Friday nights but are going away for 3 weeks holiday.  Using menu option "Availability Exceptions" and then the fields in “Update Referee Availability Exceptions” – you would enter the day of the week as all, in the “Available” field you enter “NO” and in the “Unavailable from” you enter the from/to date range - 01/01/2000 to 21/01/2000, (if just one day and not 3 weeks then from 01/01/2000 to 01/01/2000), then click add a session.  You can alter/update a session at any time.

Example 2           You regularly referee on Friday nights but have to attend a meeting on Friday in 2 weeks time and the meeting will not finish till 6.30 so you cannot start till 7pm.  You follow the details as per example 1 above but enter a time range from “1800 to 1900”.  This will remove your name from the available list for all games prior to 7pm.

Example 3           You regularly referee on Friday night but on Wednesday have been told by the doctor to have 4 days off.  You begin to enter your “Exception” but a note appears indicating the date is locked – you need to contact Basketball SA and let us know of your situation so we can manually find a replacement for your games.

Example 4           You regularly referee on Friday night and not on a Tuesday night.  However, you wish to do a few games on a Tuesday in a couple of weeks.  Using details as per example 1 you would select the day “Tuesday”, in the available field “YES” and then enter the date/range you wish to referee, then submit.  Remember this would make you available for all Tuesdays only within the date range you enter.  It does not affect any other day of the week.

Your screen would look similar to this and lists every exception you have entered

When we begin a roster for a fixture date we lock that date.  This prevents people from making changes to their availability setting for that date.  Generally we will be locking a date about 8-9 days in advance and posting the roster about 7 days in advance.  Once locked any changes to your availability must be arranged by contacting our office.  So, if not available when already rostered to games, or if you become available and can help out, you MUST give us a call.

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