It may not have been as a player, but Tyson Beck has definitely made it in the NBA.

Tyson Beck first started playing basketball at 14 years of age with the South Adelaide Panthers. It was the fast action, the excitement, and the pure emotion that made him fall in love with the game.

The young basketball enthusiast knew from an early age that while he loved to play, his ball skills weren’t about to take him to the basketball capital of the world any time soon. 

“I always wanted to be involved in basketball, but was obviously never going to be able to play in the NBA.”

Yet Beck is more involved with the NBA than most of our elite basketball players here in SA.  

Similar to his passion for basketball, Tyson also grew up with a love of graphic design.

“Most of the inspiration for my work is directly fed from the athletes. I strongly believe the NBA have the greatest athletes in the world. The history, personalities, and athleticism all influence my work”

One player in particular motivated Tyson to be the best he can be.

“Kobe Bryant was the biggest influence with me in my work. Even with how successful he already was, he continued to be the first one in the gym and the last one out of the gym.”

“I took that approach to my industry and work, I wanted to be the hardest worker I could possibly be so that I could continue to get better.”

It’s no surprise that the South Adelaide player started designing NBA graphics around the same time he first touched a basketball.

“It really started when I was 14, just pumping out designs daily for fun that was based around the NBA.”

“Back then there was no social media, no design platforms to get exposure... just forums where I would share my work to fans.”

Over 10 years later, his skill, persistence and his passion was duly recognised.

“Over that decade my work started to become noticed, and my name more known across the sporting industry year by year.”

The hard work was noticed by the NBA and they reached out to Tyson to do work directly for them in 2014.  

“It was certainly one of the best emails I’ve woken up to, I remember first reading the subject line and thinking ‘no way!’”  Based in Adelaide, the NBA Graphic Designer and Digital Artist can expect to put in anywhere between 40-70 hours of work per week.

“The crazy thing is that it’s really a 12 month sport with no offseason for me. As soon as the Finals finish, it’s the draft, free agency, Summer League, pre-season, season, then repeat!”

The young designer is not complaining though. For him, combining what he loves (basketball) with what he’s good at (design) was a no-brainer.

When asked what his hopes for the future were, Beck through a smile explained that while he awaited his 10 day playing contract with an NBA team, he was more than happy to continue the work that he enjoys so much.

One childhood dream did spring to mind though.

“I would love to be able to design NBA trading cards one day. That would be a cool project to tick off the bucket list.”

In terms of advice for other dream-followers, Tyson says persistence is key.

“Don’t let anyone that says you can’t do something affect you.”

“The world is constantly changing. I couldn’t do what I’m doing today 10 years ago. Just continue to work and be patient and good things will come.”

Basketball SA are thrilled that through the game, Tyson Beck has been able to find something that he loves. 

We wish him all the best in his future endeavours and look forward to getting our hands on those NBA playing cards one day. 

To view Tyson’s work, please click here.

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