If you see referees wearing a green shirt then it's important for you to know that they are beginners.

Please give them a chance to develop their skills without harassment or abuse as they are only just starting their development as an official. Be helpful and if you wish to provide constructive feedback, please do so via the correct channels – e.g. your club or association.

Aim of the Green Shirt Program:

  • Make new officials easily identifiable so that they are easy to recognise and support
  • Promote the program to the sports community to raise awareness and increase the recognition and support of new officials
  • Assist in reducing pressure and lessening abuse and conflict directed towards new officials
  • Create a culture of support towards these new officials via the education of players, spectators, coaches and the media about Codes of Conduct, Play By The Rules, Sideline Rage and Sport Rage.

Clubs and associations can assist in promoting the program by:

  • Distributing posters, flyers and advertisements in newsletters
  • Letters to participants
  • Establishing Codes of Behaviour and promoting them
  • Having procedures in place to deal with the harassment and abuse of umpires
  • Rewarding spectators, players and coaches who do the right thing
  • Creating a supportive environment for all participants

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